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  • Inserter Feeder P-9

Inserter Feeder P-9

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19 / 12 / 2019
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PT.MAPLESONIC INDONESIAPT Maplesonic Indonesia berdiri sejak tahun 2008 , kami specialist di bidang Packaging dan Printing Marking Untuk Industrial .
VisiMenjadi Perusahaan Coding Printing & Packaging untuk semua kemasan produk baik material plastik, Metal, Karton Box, Kertas, Kaleng dll, yang terdepan denganmengedepankan efisensi cost kepada mitra bisnis kami dalam hal pemakaian rutin tinta /make up/ dan sparepartsMISI 1. Membangun hubungan kemitraan jangka panjang dengan mitra bisnis kami berlandaskan saling percaya dan menguntungkan 2. Memberi solusi kepada Mitra bisnis kami dalam mensupply mesin coding 3. Kepuasan pelanggan menjadi tujuan utama kami
Komitmen kami untuk After sales and Service
# One Day Respon 1 x 24 jam# Garansi back up Mesin# Profesional Technical Service # Saving Cost Advise solusi cerdas pemilihan produk yang sesuai
Office       :
Jl. Kamal Raya Outer Ring Road
Ruko Sedayu Square Blok A /21
Cengkareng , Jakarta Barat
11730 – Indonesia
Tel   : (+6221) 22557548 / 29526078
Fax  : (+6221) 29526078
WA  : 08151620321
E-mail :

Detail Inserter Feeder P-9

We asked mailers what they would like to see in a friction feeder for their inserting machines and they answered clearly. "Simplicity!"
Straight Shooter delivers with our patented paper guides and integrated photo eye, eliminating the need for additional guides on the inserter and cumbersome photo eye adjustments common with competitive machines.
Setting up the feeder is simple, and can be done away from the insert station.  Then simply position in the hopper and away you go!  The P-9 can even be moved from one station to another with no adjustments necessary!

The P-9 makes other inserter feeders obsolete!
Straight Shooter feeders are known for feeding hard-to-handle materials, like magnets, plastic bags, folded mail, stapled booklets and more.  Now you can have those capabilities for your swing-arm inserter! 
Traditional vacuum operated inserter feeders don
’t handle many of today’s challenging inserts very well.
Open ended pieces, pieces that vary in thickness, and thin paper are difficult at best.
  Not with the P-9!
Simply slide the P-9 into position in one of your inserter hoppers and you have a better inserter on your hands!  Don
’t waste time hand stuffing or fighting vacuum feeders.  Let the P-9 handle it.

Media Handling: 
 - Width: 2.5"
 minimum up to 9" maximum
 - Length: 2" minimum up to 11" maximum
 - Thickness: Single sheet up to 1/4" thick
Power : 120 vac, 5 amp standard, (240 optional)
Demand mode for use on collators or as an additional feeder for inserters

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Call/WA :
 0855 790 1111
Contact Person : Song Effendi


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