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Printer Inkjet Mesin Pengkodean Ink Jet Printer Ux Series Hitachi

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23 / 10 / 2020
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PT.MAPLESONIC INDONESIAPT Maplesonic Indonesia berdiri sejak tahun 2008 , kami specialist di bidang Packaging dan Printing Marking Untuk Industrial .
VisiMenjadi Perusahaan Coding Printing & Packaging untuk semua kemasan produk baik material plastik, Metal, Karton Box, Kertas, Kaleng dll, yang terdepan denganmengedepankan efisensi cost kepada mitra bisnis kami dalam hal pemakaian rutin tinta /make up/ dan sparepartsMISI 1. Membangun hubungan kemitraan jangka panjang dengan mitra bisnis kami berlandaskan saling percaya dan menguntungkan 2. Memberi solusi kepada Mitra bisnis kami dalam mensupply mesin coding 3. Kepuasan pelanggan menjadi tujuan utama kami
Komitmen kami untuk After sales and Service
# One Day Respon 1 x 24 jam# Garansi back up Mesin# Profesional Technical Service # Saving Cost Advise solusi cerdas pemilihan produk yang sesuai
Office       :
Jl. Kamal Raya Outer Ring Road
Ruko Sedayu Square Blok A /21
Cengkareng , Jakarta Barat
11730 – Indonesia
Tel   : (+6221) 22557548 / 29526078
Fax  : (+6221) 29526078
WA  : 08151620321
E-mail :

Detail Printer Inkjet Mesin Pengkodean Ink Jet Printer Ux Series Hitachi

Printer Inkjet Mesin Pengkodean Ink Jet Printer UX Series Hitachi

Easy and quick replacement of ink and makeup cartridges without staining your hands. A new error prevention feature (alarm) is provided using IC tags for ink and makeup replacement. Simplified checking makes the replacement more effective. *Some geographic areas are excluded.

Icons on the screen indicate the ink and makeup amount of residue. They also indicate the proper time for cartridge replacement, which further improves usability.

The ink and makeup cartridge bottles can be used right up to the last drop. Using up the ink and makeup eliminates the need to dispose of the ink and makeup, and their cartridge bottles separately.

The new print technology “Simultaneous 6-Line Print”meets a variety of needs

A single printhead allows prints of up to six lines. Hitachi’s original interlaced print control system clearly prints characters one by one. The new print control system also enables single-line high-speed printing, which provides excellent print quality.

User interface provides a variety of features

A 10.4-inch TFT LCD touch-panel screen provides a wide,easy-to-see viewing angle and contact-type intuitive operation. In addition, when calling new data, a finished image of the print can be checked on the screen, which helps avoid any erroneous printing.

Strengthened compatibility with the network, improving compatibility with host system

Ethernet as a standard feature saves wiring. In addition, open network is supported, and it allows easier system construction. Collective management via host system enables two or more devices to be easily networked.
Warranty : 12 Months

Harga Printer Inkjet Mesin Pengkodean Ink Jet Printer UX Series Hitachi : CALL

WA/Handphone : 08557901111

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